Firearm Manufacturer Increases Worker Safety in Roof Applications



A firearm manufacturer was having employees perform several maintenance tasks on the roof of their building without any proper guarding or fall protection tie off. The safety manager, aware of the dangers and potential OSHA violations, wanted a solution in place immediately. 


LineDrive met with the firearm manufacturer to present several solutions utilizing Garlock products.  Based on the nature of the application and knowing there were power lines on part of the roof, LineDrive brought in a Garlock Divisional Sales Manager to help perform an assessment and roof walk.  The goal for the roof walk was to ensure the correct products were being discussed and identified as a solution.

Risk Avoidance:

After the assessment and roof walk, it was suggested that several areas have guard railings implemented and another area have a LifePoint tie off, which will work in several open areas due to its portability.


The safety manager chose to implement the recommendations at the facility.  By implementing guard railings and the LifePoint tie off, the fire arm manufacturer will avoid a minimum of $13,000 in OSHA fines as well as prevent any future employee falls and injuries.