Cold Front Fan Mitigates Risk of Heat Exhaustion in

Extrusion Plant


An aluminum products manufacturer recently had an employee fall due to heat exhaustion.  The combination of hot weather and heat produced by the extrusion furnaces in the facility made for a dangerous work environment. OSHA estimates that each time a facility has an incident  like this, classified as “Heat Prostration”, the cost per incident is $49,400.


The user made LineDrive aware of the incident they recently had and asked if there was anyway possible a unit could be brought on site for a demo.  LineDrive and Wilton were able to get a unit on site for the user leadership team to observe in action in different areas of the plant.  Each fan has the ability to cool 3,161 square feet of the plant.  LineDrive and Wilton were able to strategically place these in 2 of their buildings, enabling coverage for 30,000 square feet of worker stations.  Due to the fans construction of being self-contained, and not needing a constant water source, the end user customer does not have to worry about increasing chances of slips, trips and falls that could occur from any leakage.  The other advantage is that only 19 gallons of water are needed to run the fans per shift, which efficiently cools each area with little to no increase in air humidity.  

Documented Cost Savings:  

The Wilton Cold Front Atomized Cooling Fans being implemented throughout the plant will drastically reduce the risk of workers suffering from heat prostration/heat exhaustion, offering the manufacturer an estimated $49,400 per incident in risk avoidance and cost savings.