Motorola Solutions Reduces Downtime and Increases Productivity at

Semiconductor Manufacturer


Employees at a semiconductor distributor and manufacturer had struggled with finding a suitable means of communication in their facility due to restrictions with cell phones. Workers were walking around the facility to find each other, resulting in wasted time and loss of productivity. 



LineDrive worked with the customer to determine which Motorola Solutions radio would be a fit for their employees and facility.  Due to the facility’s size and make up, we suggested the Motorola RD4100.  After performing a site test, and trialing the 4100 with workers at the facility, the workers were able to communicate efficiently and reduced the wasted time across all teams. 


Documented Cost Savings:

After calculating the number of employees and the amount of time spent roaming the facility, an estimated $24,000 was saved in downtime by having the employees utilize the Motorola RD4100 radios.