Defense Contractor Avoids Potential Fines After Ladder Assessment


A defense contractor was looking for assistance with a ladder assessment due to not having a program in place to assess ladders. In addition, they wanted to make sure they were providing safe working ladders for use at their site.  


LineDrive conducted two ladder assessments where we labeled each ladder with the following criteria: Good, Needs Repair, Replace.  After the assessments were complete, we discussed the results with the defense contractor and provided them with the information necessary for replacing the unsafe ladders.  In total, 25 ladders were assessed, 10 of which were tagged as needing to be replaced due to the ladders not being safe to use.

Documented Risk Avoidance:

The defense contractor saved $12,000 in risk avoidance with two separate ladder assessments valued at $500 each and ten ladders were tagged out and valued at $1,000 in risk avoidance per ladder.