Consumer Goods Manufacturer Protects Products and

Employees with Tyvek



A consumer goods manufacturer expressed concern with their current protective garments.  Several of their products include heavy dyes that can leave stains on areas of contact for several weeks.  The garments they were using allowed dyes to stain employees’ skin, hair, and clothing. The manufacturer uses protective garments to keep dust and debris on employee clothing from contaminating the product.  However, the current garment is not protecting the employees from product dyes and stains.



LineDrive recommended that the manufacturer switch to the DuPont TY211S lab coats. This solution will protect the employees from dyes and splashes and will also keep dust and debris from employees’ clothing from getting into the product. The DuPont garment will also last 2-3 times longer than their previous garment.


Documented Cost Savings:

By switching from a one-time use suit to the DuPont TY211S, the manufacturer will save $4,500 a year while also protecting employees’ skin from the product dyes and stains.