Motorola Solutions Alleviates Communication-Related Safety Concerns

in Hospital’s Healthcare System


A hospital’s healthcare system has bought several Motorola Solutions radios over the past 6 months. The hospital campus is extremely vast and spread out; resulting in unreliable cell phone reception. To address the communication challenges, all areas of the hospital are using radios for various purposes: maintenance, surgical ward, security, and facilities.   With the COVID-19 pandemic a new pain presented itself; how to communicate with those employees who were isolated in the COVID-19 ward.  To alleviate this pain the solution would require the hospital to equip each employee with their own radio for social distancing purposes. Sharing radios was not an option due to the possibility of cross contamination.


LineDrive met with the hospital originally for maintenance radios to help the employees better communicate throughout the facility. Over time, the need increased to a more wholistic radio solution to help various departments. Due to COVID-19, the solution provided allowed for each radio to have its own charger and for each person to have their own radio to rule out cross contamination.

Risk Avoidance:

By each staff member utilizing their own radio and charger the hospital has implemented safety precautions to assist in reducing the risk of contamination and viral spread, which is an invaluable cost savings.  The hospital will be able to continue to utilize the individual radios even after the current pandemic is over, now that a need for ways to reduce the risk of viral spread are so prevalent and will continue to be a vital tool in the coming years.