Comfort, Cost Savings, and Shipping Speed Make RPB #1 for Automotive Manufacturing


An exhaust after-treatment solutions manufacturer was experiencing issues with their current respiratory system’s batteries. Unit batteries were on backorder, sometimes over 90 days. Additionally, workers complained about consistency and discomfort in their current respirators. As a result, the manufacturer sought a new, non-hard hat welding respiratory system for a hex chrome application for employees.


In response to the issues, LineDrive demonstrated the RPB Z3 welding respirator for the manufacturer. Worker feedback on performance and ease of use was overwhelmingly positive and prompted an initial purchase of 30 units to put in use immediately. Worker satisfaction continued, and fast delivery within two days of ordering sealed the deal. In the past, the manufacturer’s previous solution would not be delivered for months. The RPB Z3 will now be standard issue as the facility hires more workers. 


Documented Cost Savings:

After purchasing 30 RPB® Z3™ units, the customer enjoyed an initial total savings of over $6,000 by saving more than $200 per kit. Within two days of ordering, the customer’s employees were enjoying increased comfort and an overall lighter respirator than their previous gear.