MCR Safety Ninja Provides Warmth, Protection, and Risk Reduction


A construction machinery and equipment manufacturer was in need of cold weather gloves for their employees that work outside.  Their corporate headquarters mandated that the gloves needed to have at least an ANSI A2 cut level.  The manufacturer was having trouble finding a glove that kept their employees warm with a good grip, while maintaining a cut level A2.


LineDrive recommended the MCR Safety Ninja Ice (N9690) to the manufacturer. After several employees tried the glove and gave positive feedback, the manufacturer decided to move forward with the Ninja Ice and has added this glove to their sites. The MCR Safety Ninja Ice features an ANSI cut level A3.

Cost Avoidance:  

By making a $6,000 investment in gloves the manufacturer saved $42,000 in potential costs (cost of one laceration incident as documented by OSHA).  

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