City Utilities Department Reduces Downtime with Preventative Maintenance


A city utility department wanted to expand their predictive maintenance program to proactively identify problems with their heat recovery steam generator system and expansion joints to look for hot spots.  They also needed to monitor pump and motor bearings for similar hot spots and related issues throughout multiple power plants.  When unplanned repairs are needed it takes, on average, between 4 and 6 hours or more to complete the work.  In addition, schedules are completely disrupted creating further issues and downtime.  


LineDrive provided a Fluke Ti450 onsite demo at the power plant to show how readings could be addressed and problems identified before resulting in downtime and unplanned repairs.  The Fluke Ti450 allows for the technicians to proactively schedule and plan repairs in an efficient manner. 

Documented Cost Savings:

On average, at least 12 repairs are needed per year at 6 hours per repair, equaling 72 hours per year of repair time.  With the Fluke Ti450, the city will save an estimated $5,000 a year in repair costs.