Chemical Plant Improves Power Quality and Predictive



A chemical and fertilizer manufacturer was using an outside contractor to monitor their power usage. The manufacturer was paying in excess of $10,000 per year/per visit, for two visits.


By utilizing the Fluke 435 II, the manufacturer was able to monitor their power usage in-house, making it a part of their monthly Preventative Maintenance program, and allowing them to no longer be dependent on a third party. Aside from the cost savings of not having to outsource this task, the Fluke 435 II allowed them more control over their facility and provides a safer working environment.

Documented Cost Avoidance:  

With the customer utilizing the Fluke 435 II, the cost savings is two-fold: 

1. The manufacturer no longer has to pay a third party to do the testing. 

2. They now have the ability to test 12 times a year, which would have cost them more than $120,000 to have this level of quality control using their previous third party.