Boat Manufacturer Reduces Costs & Man Hours with Vendible

Glove Solution


A boat manufacturer was looking to reduce their costs on hand protection and turned to LineDrive and their channel partner to explore ways to achieve this without decreasing safety.


After completing an assessment of the boat manufacturer's applications and hand protection being used, LineDrive provided a sample of the MCR Safety 92718PU glove for the customer to trial throughout their facility.  This particular solution was attractive to the manufacturer as it is an 18 gauge HPPE/synthetic shell that coats the palms and fingers with a thin layer of polyurethane to offer cut protection that is lightweight, comfortable, and offers excelled dexterity. 


After trialing the gloves, the boat manufacturer found that workers responded very well to the fit and functionality, and they began to look to the channel partner for  help with implementation.  The gloves were able to achieve the level of safety needed and documented cost savings, making the entire solution a winner. In addition, MCR Safety vend-packed the gloves as an added convenience feature.  This increased the efficiency of how the gloves were stored and accessed, resulting in further cost savings and efficiency.

Documented Cost Savings:

By switching to the MCR Safety 92718PU gloves, the customer will save $38,000 annually versus the previous purchased glove while keeping their employees safe and comfortable.  


The overall solution also resulted in a reduction of 400 man hours by providing a more efficient means to storing and accessing the gloves.