Agriculture Manufacturer Reduces Cost and Increases Safety

with MCR Safety Gloves


A global agriculture manufacturer and distributor was looking for ways to reduce in their manufacturing operations. This needed to be done to meet their annual cost savings goals. Any potential cost savings could not be done at the expense of reducing PPE safety specifications nor comfort. 


LineDrive presented an idea to reduce costs by reviewing the gloves used in their facility. After multiple tests at the end user facility, it was determined MCR Safety gloves were well suited for the customer's environment and needs. The MCR Safety gloves offered enhanced comfort and the customer described the MCR Safety gloves as having a softer feel, which made them more comfortable to wear throughout the employee's shift and increased dexterity for the employees to be more efficient in completing their tasks. 

Documented Cost Savings: 

The agriculture manufacturer saved $36,300 annually by switching to MCR Safety 92718PU, 94743PU, and LCT.