Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer Saves with DuPont ProShield 50



An agricultural equipment manufacturer was averaging about 1,700 PPE suits a year.  The manufacturer was looking to reduce their cost by switching to a comparable brand while still maintaining the quality of suit they have been using.


LineDrive met with the manufacturer to discuss their PPE needs.  We determined that the DuPont ProShield 50 suits would meet the manufacturer’s needs while also reducing their PPE cost.  A successful trial was completed at all sites with the DuPont ProShield 50 suits documenting zero quality concerns about using the DuPont suits in place of the current suits.

Documented Cost Savings:  

Using the DuPont ProShield 50 suits over the current suits saved the manufacturer an average of $5,500 a year, while maintaining the same quality of the suit, due to a lower price point and extended durability and wear time, resulting in less suits purchased throughout the year.