Aerospace Techs Reduce Employee Heat Stress Risk



Aircraft seat manufacturer technicians working in a high heat environment needed a cooler protective garment to reduce possible heat stress. The  protective apparel being worn was hot and uncomfortable, workers were making modifications to the apparel and decreasing the quality and safety effectiveness – exposing themselves to hazards.


LineDrive conducted a  job hazard assessment to review the working environment and exposures at the facility. During the assessment it was identified that workerss were cutting holes in their safety garments to provide greater comfort while working; unknowingly reducing the effectiveness and safety of the garment.

By providing samples of the DuPont 400D dual protective garment the safety manager was able to provide the garments to his workers to perform a wear test and determined that Tyvek 400D offered greater comfort for the wearer while offering optimum protection.  The workers are no longer complaining of discomfort and therefore not cutting the garments and exposing themselves to hazards.

Documented Cost Savings:


The manufacturer will save $6,000 per year by using the Tyvek 400D versus the previously purchased coverall.  The solution offers a garment that has a lower total cost of ownership as they will last longer resulting in lower overall usage and costs.