Adhesive Manufacturer Avoids Downtime and Motor Failure


A global manufacturer of adhesive and safety products needed help analyzing motor health to prevent downtime at their facility. They had a recent motor failure on one of their production hoists that cost them $5,000 to repair. If the failure were to occur during peak product hours, it would have cost them $10,000 or more.


LineDrive visited the customer to understand their challenges and to help provide a solution. After discussing the customer's needs, the Fluke TI450 PRO was recommended to do regular analysis of the hoist, and other critical motors, moving forward to prevent additional downtime. They will also use the thermal imager to monitor electrical cabinets for loose connections that will offer productivity and safety gains.

Documented Cost Savings:

The manufacturer was able to save $5,000 dollars between repair parts, service fees, and downtime with the Fluke TI450 PRO.